Custom Homes

Our original core business was the construction of custom homes. We have built hundreds of customs homes in a variety of styles, ranging from Santa Fe to Victorian and everything in between. We take great pride in craftsmanship, quality, and customer satisfaction – the pillars of our business and its growth since our inception over 60 years ago. Our craftsmanship and customer satisfaction have led to many referrals that helped us grow into what we are today.

Aerial footage of one of our custom homes

While custom homes are now a very small part of our business, we treasure each project as it represents an opportunity to utilize our craftsmanship and create a work of art for families and neighborhoods to enjoy. Patterson Enterprises currently only accepts select custom home projects valued in excess of $500,000, with emphasis on projects valuing $1,000,000+.

We are happy to provide references and potentially schedule a tour of a recent project for potential clients making serious inquiries.