Our Story

Patterson Enterprises now has subsidiaries and affiliate companies in the Americas and Asia – but our story begins over a century ago with Edwin W. Patterson. His father, James L. Patterson was one of the first settlers in the Arizona territory of the American Wild West. In a new land in a new era, Edwin started a legacy of building that his posterity would carry on, likely beyond his imagination.

The Patterson family business activities were diverse. Pattersons not only ran “Patterson Construction,” but also ran the local motel, fuel station and post office in beautiful Pine, AZ. Edwin’s son, Harold B. Patterson focused on growing the construction portion of the family business. Eventually Arizona established the Registrar of Contractors. Harold B. applied for a contractor’s license in August of 1958, a month after his son Harold D. was born, helping the company grow and operate under the new regulations. Harold B. and his son worked together to build the business and hired skilled craftsmen whose families are still a part of the Patterson team today. They built housing projects, gas stations, motels, shopping centers, and took on some of the company’s first real estate developments. When Harold B. Patterson left the company due to his age and failing health in 1999, Patterson had one of the oldest active contractor license in Arizona.

In 1999, a new generation rose up to grow the company. As Edwin D., Harold C., Clayton F., and Collin R. gradually took the reins, the corporate structure was adjusted in preparation for domestic and international expansion. The team began taking government contracts and increased their focus on real estate developments. We began building schools, medical facilities, police and fire stations, infrastructure projects, and large energy projects.

Patterson Enterprises prides itself in providing specialized experience, technical competence, and true commitment to deliver our clients’ vision. Our team’s dedication to quality, service, and detail is what helps us stand apart from our competitors. Our network and team of architects, engineers, financiers, and subcontractors allows us to assist in every stage of a project – from conception, planning, and design to development and management. To date, Patterson Enterprises and its affiliates have completed over $2.5 billion dollars in projects. But no matter how much we grow, we remember our small town roots in Pine, AZ and are dedicated to providing the friendly, reliable service that we have learned from our humble roots.